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Being diagnosed with depression is a big enough hurdle to deal with on its own, so having difficulty qualifying for life insurance because of this diagnosis can be overwhelming and deeply frustrating. No need to worry though because you can still be covered. This is definitely a hurdle that can be dealt with and relatively easily side-stepped if you have the right information and know-how on what to do. Here are some of the best tips and information on how to qualify for the type of insurance you need despite a depression diagnosis. No need to worry, we have this in the bag!

Know the Details

To determine whether you are insurable or not, an insurance company will need to know the details of your diagnosis. Some of the things they will need to know other than just the diagnosis or type of depression you have will help them determine what they can do for you. The length and frequency of your episodes along with the date of the first episode and the most recent episode will show them how severe it is. They will also need to know if and how you are seeking treatment. This will definitely help your case because it is easier to insure someone who is actively combating the issue at hand rather than letting it take control of them. They will also want to know about any substance abuse issues you may have, hospitalizations due to depression and any suicide attempts.

Look For Specialized Insurance Solutions

Once the insurance agent knows all of the details of your depression they will be able to help you find the best plan for you. Many of them are experts in finding out what you need paperwork-wise and application-wise to support your case and get accepted. There are special anxiety & depression life insurance plans that are available to people in your situation so you will definitely find coverage. If the agent you are working with does not come up with solutions for you and will not look into the details of your case, you are wasting your time. Go to one of the many agents that take your problems seriously and want to help you. There are plenty of them out there! Read more here!

Don’t Back Down- Be Firm

No matter what your diagnosis is or age you are, there are plans for you, and it is definitely possible to get the insurance you need. You may have to be firm and in some cases get a little creative, but you will find something suited to you. Life insurance over 60 plans is a good option for those who are diagnosed later in life because they usually include issues like depression in their plans. Do not take no for an answer because you deserve to have the comfort and assurance that insurance brings.

Ultimately, you will need to be prepared with all of the details of your depression and diagnosis and then find someone who is involved and detail oriented to work with. Life insurance is available for those with all stages and kinds of depression; you just have to be determined and not give up.