Mental illness accounts for more than 20 presents of disclosure of medical condition on Anxiety & Depression Life Insurance applications. According to LV= data where 1 in 3 adults aged between 16 and 74 reported accessing NHS mental health treatment in the last year. Even though the number of people affected, many are confused and concerned if they can obtain insurance that covers anxiety. There are huge concerns about how the condition will affect life insurance rates. The medical condition affects the rates/price of life insurance, but should they prevent users from accessing the cover?

In recent years there has been notable progress where insurers have improved life insurance quote process,and specialist providers and brokers are eager to help especially online. The question remains, can you access Anxiety & Depression Life Insurance?

Life insurance for people managing anxiety?

You can get life insurance with a history of anxiety or depression. However, like the previousdiagnosis, the severity of your condition and symptoms affects the price of your life insurance. The total cost is calculated based on your current situation, treatment received and medication or experienced symptoms.

It allows mainstream insurers to offer Anxiety & Depression Life Insurance cover to people with anxiety and less severe mental health issues. However, some providers exclude anxiety and related conditions from the cover so you won’t claim for those issues.

How anxiety and mental health affect your insurance?

As with previously diagnosed condition, it takes longer to get a quote with an anxiety condition than with no history of the medical issue. It doesn’t mean providers won’t issue the Anxiety & Depression Life Insurance cover, but you’ll have to shop around for the right insurance coverage and compare prices more than someone without a medical condition. Your test quote may take 5 minutes longer.

You may have to call the insurance to complete a quote or clarify information about your condition. In other cases, the insurer may provide improved online forms strictly for people with anxiety looking to buy a cover online.

The application process might be different,and users as insurers may not use medical descriptions and definition of the condition. For example, the NHS might use the term “generalized anxiety disorder” while the insurance means “anxiety-stress-related” thus select the conditions that accurately fits your diagnosis and symptoms. Select more than one medical condition that best describes your state.

Like in case of the most previously diagnosed conditions, you are likely to pay more for life insurance with an anxiety diagnosis. The price depends on the severity of your situation;the insurerconsiders any medical condition as a higher risk. It is determined using information such as medications taken and when you last experienced anxiety symptoms. Click here for more information.

Where to find insurance cover with a mental health condition?

Getting life insurance can be intimidating for people with anxiety and depression conditions. However, many companies will allow you to buy online after answering several questions about your health.  If you can’t find a company offering the best rates, look at specialist providers or brokers to help you find the best price. The broker will help you find a specialist provider or mainstream companies with the best offer and also explain the coverage levels and exclusions and even help with the application process.