p>Depression is a physical disorder although at times it can as well affect your physical health. There are several insurance companies today and therefore you will not find any problem when choosing one. The life insurance companies can take advantage of your depression history and they will charge you higher premiums.

life insurance for anxiety depression

What does depression constitute?

There are some telltale signs that can show that one is suffering from depression. Feeling bad does not mean that you are suffering from depression. What the insurance companies do is to look at your history of depression and they also consider the frequency at which this depression is occurring. The main objective sign of depression that we have are: Suicidal thoughts, significant weight loss or gain, trouble sleeping, lack of concentration, a sense of worthlessness or excessive guilt, When you are losing jobs frequently, Controlling the condition with medication and treatment in outpatient clinic or in hospital. Anxiety & life insurance companies today are found everywhere in the world today and they mainly aim at ensuring that everybody has insured his or her life and conditions like depression.

The effects of depression on health

Does depression has any effects on your heath? Yes depression has effects on your heath because it can be able to cause acute physical stress that will eventually lead to a death that is premature. There is nobody is ready to die a premature death and therefore it is very important for you to know how to manage your depression or else it will lead to you a problem that you may not be able to solve. If you have chronic depression, it may affect you in several ways including weakening your immune system, ultimately cardiovascular problems and also elevated blood pressure. What mainly causes chronic depression? This kind of depression is mainly caused by poor sleeping habits, poor eating habits, a feeling of hopelessness, lack of exercise and not engaging yourself in social interaction.

How depression can raise your insurance premiums

What you have to know is that there are some potential effects that depression will have on your heath and more especially on your physical heath. What will make these insurance companies to charge higher fee is because they look at your condition and medical history to raise your premiums. When you will be underwriting your application, your life insurance will look at the last time when you had this depression and also they will have to look at any medications, treatments and the frequency of the condition. Controlling depression is not easy and that is where the life insurance companies come in. Life insurance over 60 has its different conditions and most companies do not like insuring people who are over this age because they are frequently having depression.

To sum up, Depression is a manageable condition but the kind of depression that you are suffering from is what will determine the way you can manage it. Any insurance company will have to look at your overall heath as well so as to know whether you are still suffering from depression.