funeral plan photoMost people would rather not contemplate death let alone plan ahead for their own funerals. But planning ahead with pre paid funeral plans may just be the most comforting thing you can do for your loved ones.

Preplanning your funeral services offers immense emotional support during a time of grief and stress. Knowing that your Funeral Plans are carried out exactly as you wish helps to comfort those left behind. The reality is that funeral services and memorial services are for the living, not the deceased.

For surviving family members, funeral services help to facilitate a supportive atmosphere to share memories and feelings and typically are the first step of the healing process. At some point in most people’s lives, they will be faced with the unpleasant task of making or helping in funeral arrangements.

Often the times are fraught with high emotions and grief. There are several options available to meet the families financial needs and remember that preplanning does not necessarily mean pre-paid.

Take the time to compare prepaid funeral plans as they do vary from simple to extravagant. As funeral costs have skyrocketed more than 85% in the last decade alone, preplanning has never been wiser.

Having a plan in effect to cover most of the expenses ensures that those family members left behind won’t get stuck with a huge bill. Once pre-planned the costs are set at the current prices and nothing to pay later on.

In general, age uk pre-paid plans cover the funeral directors costs and either pays an allowance for third party expenses or they are guaranteed at today’s costs. Funeral Plans are designed to be exactly what you wish them to be. They can be as simple as a plain casket and no limousines or more extravagant with a Mahogany casket complete with gold trim.

plan your funeral photoPlanning ahead allows you to make your plans during a peaceful time, it ensures your wishes are known and protects against rising costs. Best of all, when the time comes for your funeral the funeral director sets the plan in motion, relieving your family of additional burdens.

No matter what plan you decide on you always have the option of being buried or cremated. Green funerals or eco funerals are being chosen by more and more people. Green funerals are not new or original and have been practiced for thousands of years.

In a green burial, the body is not embalmed and is buried in a biodegradable casket or urn. Bodies can also be cremated as well. Natural burials were pioneered in the United Kingdom and they strive to have minimal impact on the earth.

Embalming, metal caskets, and concrete vaults or liners are not used, but rather biodegradable caskets made of wicker, jute, wood or cardboard. Green burials often take place in green cemeteries and preserves, but can also occur in traditional cemeteries.

Trees or wildflowers are often planted on the grave site and if allowed, grave markers are simple flat slabs of rock.