When it comes to insurance you have a lot of different factors to think about. One of them is credit life insurance. Credit life insurance is an insurance policy that is developed to pay off your car loan in the event of your death. They can also be used for expenses such as home appliances and furniture. There are also versions of credit life insurance including credit disability insurance and credit unemployment insurance.


Credit disability insurance will make your monthly payments should you come to be sick or disabled. Credit unemployment insurance will make your monthly payments should you become out of work due to no fault of your own. Credit life insurance is extremely similar to mortgage life insurance in that it is a reducing term insurance.

Explaining Credit Life Insurance

Explaining Credit Life Insurance

The policy is granted depending on the face value of the loan. As you pay down the loan the amount of your insurance coverage will go down. If you pass away prior to paying off the loan the policy will pay the balance. One important thing to keep in mind about credit life insurance is that you get no rewards out of it. If something happens to you all of the gains go to the loan provider.


You are essentially paying out to make sure the lender gets their money if anything should happen to you. That does not benefit you. It only benefits the lender. In all honesty, the lender could care less if you die or not. All they want is their money. You can either pay for credit life insurance on a monthly basis or you can make one lump sum payment. If you choose monthly payments it will get added to your loan.


That means your monthly payment will rise. Yet one more reason this is a bad idea. In all honesty, you can do without a credit life insurance policy. Term life insurance is a more beneficial option and more affordable choice. You can practically always get term life for lower cost per dollar. And the best piece is that your beneficiaries stand to essentially get something out of it.


With credit life insurance only the loan company gets anything. With term life, based upon on the amount of your policy, your family will be in a position to pay off your car loan, pay for funeral expenses and have some still left over to live off of. That is a much better choice.


Check with your employer to see if they supply term life insurance. If they don’t, check with your bank or any insurance provider in your region. While credit life insurance has come to be progressively less common over the years, you will still find it being available at some dealerships. But with so many other types of insurance offered, it’s really not the most effective use of your money. You can find way more reasonably priced options.


Even so, every scenario is different. For that reason you must do your own investigation to find the alternative that will work best for you. Take the time to review both credit life insurance and term life insurance. I think you will promptly see term life is the way to go.