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How Does Depression Affect Life Insurance Rates?

Depression, Suicide and Life Insurance - A Case Study

You may have come to terms that a lot of the time your life insurance will not accept you if you’re not entirely healthy. However, this is untrue. The term “the healthier you are, the cheaper your life insurance” is not correct, it’s a false statement. One may not realize that mental health is covered by many health insurances is, but they are very picky about what types of disorders they cover. If you suffer from depression you may be wondering how it will affect your life insurance, keep breeding we will discuss how life insurance is affected by depression even if you need life insurance over 60.

Which Mental Health Disorders Are Covered?

You …

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Funeral Plans There are Many Options to be Considered

funeral plan photoMost people would rather not contemplate death let alone plan ahead for their own funerals. But planning ahead with pre paid funeral plans may just be the most comforting thing you can do for your loved ones.

Preplanning your funeral services offers immense emotional support during a time of grief and stress. Knowing that your Funeral Plans are carried out exactly as you wish helps to comfort those left behind. The reality is that funeral services and memorial services are for the living, not the deceased.

For surviving family members, funeral services help to facilitate a supportive atmosphere to share memories and feelings and typically are the first step of the healing process. At some …